Genesys Event Service

Genesys Event Service designed specifically for large-scale and high profile events, this powerful service guarantees a professional and worry-free event. Your event is managed by a dedicated team of certified and experienced professionals from start to finish. You can be confident that your earnings announcements, product launches, press briefings, training sessions and other high profile communications run efficiently and flawlessly, every time.

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Event Audio

Event Audio is the core audio component of Genesys Event Service. Following traditional operator-attended audio conferencing practices, participants join using a standard telephone and are connected to an audio conferencing bridge, enabling a multi-party call to take place.

Thousands of participants can be connected for an Event Audio conference call. Event Audio includes:

  • Dedicated Event Monitoring: All Events are fully managed from start to finish by your dedicated Event Coordinator, who remains at your side, virtually, ensuring top quality.
  • Managed Question & Answer Sessions: Allow attendees to participate in a Q&A session, providing orderly interaction between speakers and audience.
  • Audio View: Online data on who has joined your call and who is in queue to ask a question.
  • Communication Line: Event managers stay on top of details with a separate telephone line, allowing for full communication without interrupting your Event.

Additional enhancements may be added to an Event Audio conference call including several multimedia Event Web Options.

Event Web

An Online Presentation adds a visual element to the Event Audio Conference Call in the form o an online PowerPointT presentation, increasing participant understanding and retention of key points.

Moderators can choose to make additional functions available via the Online Presentation for participants:

  • Web Q&A: Participants can submit a question to the moderator on the web interface they're using to view the presentation.
  • Download Slides: Allow your audience to download a copy of your presentation for future reference.

 Our most popular customized options:

  • Custom Template - Fully branded interface that reflects your corporate image.
  • Event Web Registration Page - Customized registration page with your choice of fields.
  • Feedback/User Satisfaction Survey - Gather information on your audience with online access to real-time reporting.